Financial Education Never Looked So Good!

Mo'doh Island is available to meet your goals and we can customize solutions to meet your needs. Here are just a few examples of the products that we offer. Contact us for a written proposal.

Mo'doh Island Express

As simple as 1...  2...  3...  DONE!

Designed to allow your teen members (ages 13-17) to get up and running quickly and on their own, we host a lightly branded web site for you (with your logo), that contains a game portal web site, game news, tutorial videos, a Player's Guide and information for parents. Also included is the Mo'doh Island Financial Education Simulation platform. This version of the game offers a shared island that teens from all credit unions can inhabit. A private island is available with one of the premium offerings below.

One of the advantages of Mo'doh Island Express is that you can be up and running in less than 2 weeks! All we need is a signed contract and a copy of your logo to get started. We will generate a site for you and provide you with a graphic and link to place on your CU web site. The URL will be "" (where "yourCU-name" is replaced by a name of your choice. We host the site for you, handle all support issues and we will provide an orientation of Mo'doh Island for you, as well. Get up and running with minimal impact on your resources! For more information, go to the contact page and click on one of the options.

Mo'doh Island Deluxe

Are you ready for the next generation of financial services?

For credit unions that desire to use this platform not only as an educational platform, but also to experiment with virtualizing financial services, we offer a customized, private island that you can use, not only for teaching, but to build sustainable relationships with youth. We can build a replica of one of your branches and even include your community partners within the platform. For example, the car dealership where students go to learn about buying a car, could be sponsored and customized to reflect a local car dealership. You can even conduct events or member service functions within the environment!

Mo'doh Island Custom Education and Acquisition Platform is a beta product offering and we are looking for credit unions interested in exploring the future of financial services within this rich technology platform. For more information, go to the contact page and click on one of the options.

Mo'doh Island Express

Make a difference in the classroom

This offering is designed to allow the credit union to take the learning platform into a classroom setting. Many of our clients have used this in high school classrooms. It offers all of the advantages of Mo'doh Island Express PLUS:

  • a set of teaching tools that includes:
    • real time polling
    • interactive testing
    • pre-test and post-test tools
  • a classroom scoreboard to track student performance
  • more extensive hands-on training in the use of the platform
  • a set of up to 20 avatars that can be used in a classroom setting (must be scheduled)
  • customized avatars for your instructors
  • customized videos with your branding
  • a fully customized web game portal
  • rewards-based incentives to drive usage
  • access for students to a brand-neutral, shared island


Mo'doh Island Teaching Lab is an ideal solution for credit unions that have existing relationships with high schools/middle schools or are trying to expand their educational efforts within the classroom setting and have one or more staff positions dedicated or partially dedicated to financial education. For more information, go to the contact page and click on one of the options.

Thwakk Consulting Services

Are your youth initiatives fragmented?

We can also provide additional consulting services to help your credit union develop a solid strategy for approaching the youth market and help to consolidate and organize your youth education and communication efforts into a more comprehensive and jointed solution with a customized web site.