Is Mo'doh Island Only for Teens?

Mo'doh Island has been used successfully in classroom settings to teach teens financial concepts. However, often we are asked is it good for adults? Or is it good for younger children? The answer to both questions is "YES!". Mo'doh Island acts like a "game", but it is a life simulator. If the student can read and reason, they can benefit from Mo'doh Island. It operates at a more basic level, teaching and reinforcing core financial concepts.

Community Outreach

Our business model has focused on providing the platform to community focused financial institutions who have the funding to provide this for free to schools or other organizations. However, we are not limited to that business model. If a school is interested in pursuing the platform for classroom use or a community outreach program is interested in providing the platform to extend or reinforce a financial educational platform, we would be thrilled to work with you to determine how this can be done cost effectively.

Broadening the Reach through Investment and Distribution

We are also interested in business partners, social investors, etc. Distribution and capital would allow for the expansion of this unique platform. We are passionate about technology and education and welcome any inquiries of interest in the platform and the improvement of people's financial lives.